About US

Who we are

QuickBrasil is a company incorporated as a privately held corporation, headquartered in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, and which acts as purchaser of credit rights.

Today, the company purchases credit rights from air passengers against airlines, resulting from delays and cancellations of flights.

In other words, it is a company that buys the right that someone has to receive some value from another person. The assignor – the passenger who sells the right to receive some value from the airline – earns good money very quickly and simply and without any risk, since everything that is paid to him is definitive, no matter what happens. The transferee – who buys the passenger’s right to credit, in this case QuickBrasil – is charged with the price of this sale of rights and also with all the costs to have these rights executed, including the hiring of outsourced lawyers specializing in debt collection. In addition, the Assignee (QuickBrasil) deals alone with the risks involved in collecting debt, which often takes a long time to pay and can often never be paid.

Speed, safety and fair price are the advantages for QuickBrasil customers.

For these reasons, QuickBrasil was recognized in 2017 as the best real-world company by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology – MIT in the Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp held with the Queensland Institute of Technology, as well as by thousands of customers in Brazil and worldwide.

How it works

The customer consults, through our website, if the flight in which he was a passenger qualifies: he / she must inform the airline, the flight number and the date of the flight.

Our system will check if the case qualifies. If so, the client must present the documents that prove his identity and that he was actually on that flight, in addition to signing the contract for the assignment of receivables to QuickBrasil. It’s all done exclusively over the internet, with scanned files being sent. All things being equal, within 1 (one) to 7 (seven) days, the customer will receive R $ 1,000.00 for the assignment of their credit rights arising from that flight that has qualified.

QuickBrasil, from there, will bear the costs, including hiring outside lawyers, to collect those credit rights against the airline.

If the collection of the receivables against the airline is successful, the amounts paid by the airline will be with QuickBrasil, which will not pay anything more to the customer than the R $ 1,000.00 per flight that was paid at the time of the assignment. creditory rights. If you are not successful with the charge, the customer does not have to worry, the damage is only from QuickBrasil, and the customer does not have to return any amount.

QuickBrasil is not a law firm, nor does it practice lawyers. QuickBrasil is a company that purchases credit rights from air passengers against airlines, resulting from delays and cancellations of flights. Any and all lawyers’ own activity is performed by outsourced legal professionals, who are hired by QuickBrasil as any other cases of debt collection.

QuickBrasil pays the customer a fair value, quickly and simply, and in return, QuickBrasil appropriates a possible result of the collection of the credit claim against the airline, a charge that almost always takes a lot and is often not paid.

Quickbrasil is at all risk of not being paid, in addition to the costs of collection, and the client with the security of receiving a fair value, quickly and very simply.