In which cases can I recover my credits with QuickBrasil?

QuickBrasil can anticipate credits to travelers who have delayed flights to their final destination in 4 hours or more and are responsible for the airline’s delay. Therefore, if the airline has not been able to transport you to your destination within 4 hours of your estimated time of arrival, QuickBrasil may prepay your credit. That is, the total delay should be longer than 4 hours.

There are a number of circumstances that will cause you to arrive at your final destination with a delay of more than 4 hours, including a flight more than 4 hours late, a canceled flight or any flight that is late enough to cause you miss your trip, such as lost connections.

If the airline is not responsible for your delay, QuickBrasil will not be able to anticipate your credits. For example, if you arrived too late at the gate to board the plane, the airline can not be held responsible.

Does QuickBrasil recover credit for lost or lost luggage?
No, QuickBrasil only acts on credits derived from delay or cancellation of flights.

Does QuickBrasil work to recover credits from flights with delays or cancellations of less than 4 hours?

In general, QuickBrasil acts to recover credits in which the delay generated by the cancellation or late departure of the aircraft is equal to or greater than 4 hours. However, some situations where the delay is less than 4 hours may qualify, provided that specific circumstances have occurred, such as whether the traveler has lost a professional or personal commitment, and it is therefore at the discretion of QuickBrasil to decide whether a case how these qualify or not.

Why is the anticipated loan R $ 1,000.00?

QuickBrasil offers the above credit as this is your business model.

Do I get any other credit in the future beyond R $ 1,000.00?

Do not.

Is QuickBrasil a regular business?

Yes, QuickBrasil is a legalized company, duly registered with the CNPJ and with all the references, including address and telephone number, presented in its online platform.

Is the platform paid for?

No, the platform is free.

How do I anticipate the credit of several people together, for example, family or groups of friends / traveling professionals?

Just ask for advance credit per person. Each one will receive its due credit advance, individually.

Does QuickBrasil serve non-Brazilian travelers?

Yes, as long as the traveler has a CPF that the flight has been operated by a company with an establishment in Brazil.

Can I request my advance credits if my flight did not occur within Brazil?

Yes, provided you are a resident of Brazil and that the flight has been operated by a company with an establishment in Brazil.

Do you have any documents that I need to sign to get my credits up?

Yes. You must sign a credit rights assignment agreement, transferring credits to the QuickBrasil with the airline.